This Death By Chocolate Murder Mystery Is A Delectable Escape From Quarantine

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Death by Chocolate

Murder, mystery, and thrills await you!

Deadly secrets spread, intrigue intensifies, and a trail of evidence mounts. Who can you trust? And will you be able to uncover the killer’s insidious identity before time runs out? Put your detective instincts to the test with this exhilarating online murder mystery. It’s the perfect distraction from your ceaseless chocolate cravings.

There are two themed worlds to choose from, both set the stage for a game of cat and mouse. After purchasing your ticket you’ll be sent a secret link to join 6 actors (or suspects) on Zoom. You’ll feel like you’re in an episode of True Detective as you interrogate each one, gather your evidence, weigh it up and submit your chosen killer via a poll after an hour and 30 minutes of pure fun.

Will you follow the sugar-coated clues of the Death by Chocolate Murder Mystery? Wonky Chocolates, the renowned creators of sweet dreams, are hosting a press launch for a new range of chocolates. But while excited guests gather for the unveiling, disaster strikes! An executive is found dead surrounded by chocolates. A major meltdown ensues, but can you figure out who did it, and why?

Or will you will gallop into Murder in the Midwest! and dig up gold nuggets that will unlock the secrets of the hot, dusty town of Tombstone? You’ll mingle with the dusty cowboys, gunslingers and card-playing mavericks at the vibrant watering hole, Crazy Horse Saloon. But will you be fast enough to draw all the right conclusions?

Red Herring Games are masters of devising fun murder mystery games and they’ve got a ton of awards to prove it. With that said, their new, interactive experiences are worth a try.

Sign up for your thrilling murder mystery adventure here – it would be a crime to miss out!

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