The Vaults’ Latest Immersive Theatre Show Invites You Down To Hell

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Dante's In Furlough

Step into the Underworld for a wedding you’ll never forget

Been kind of a crap year, hasn’t it? Still, there’s joy on the horizon, for your first wedding invite has just landed on the doormat, and it’s one you aren’t likely to forget. Seems that the Devil himself is getting hitched, and you’re on the guestlist (I’ll let you ponder on what exactly you did to earn the Devil’s favour) for an event that’s the talk of the underworld. The only snag is that you’ve got to navigate the nine circles of Hell to get there, and the Devil sure isn’t going to make it easy for you. As destination weddings go, this one is set to be a big one – and you can grab your tickets to hell here.

Dante's In Furlough

Cheekily billed as ‘Dante’s In Furlough‘ (give whoever came up with that one a raise immediately), this immersive theatre show will transform Waterloo Vaults into the hedonistic depths of Hell. Being the Devil’s nuptials and all, you’ll need to use every ounce of cunning, deception, and vice you possess to make it through the traps and temptations of hell. The party of the millennium awaits, but you’ve got to beat the Devil himself to get there – no wet blankets at this wedding, you see – and avoid losing your soul in the process.

Dante’s In Furlough really isn’t one for the goody two-shoes amongst you, as those found to be pure of heart and blessed with an unblemished soul will be swiftly banished to a less-than-ideal destination: Earth, circa 2020. Whilst the entire show will be socially distanced, all others bets are off – and you may need to gleefully betray your friends to earn that invite to the high table. Oh, and if you can hit all seven deadly sins in the process, that probably won’t hurt your chances…

There’s a sinfully delicious array of food options on the cards too, but the Devil’s wedding feast is anything but regular. Dip into dishes such as salt and sulfur seabass with pickled carrot and red onion, or spit-roasted celeriac with romesco sauce and greens filched from the Garden of Eden; pudding, meanwhile, offers the Biblical temptation of the Devil’s fruits, finished with a dollop of cream. To paraphrase Charlie Daniels, “Hell’s broke loose in London, and the Devil holds the cards”. Find your tickets here, and get ready to play the most dangerous game of your life…

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