London’s First Plastic-Free Takeaway Is Delivering Delicious Curries To East Londoners

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London’s First Plastic-Free Takeaway Is Delivering Delicious Curries To East Londoners

DabbaDrop is changing the way us Brits do Indian takeaway: making it healthier and more sustainable.

As if you don’t feel guilty enough after ordering a takeaway* — it’s rarely healthy and it’s certainly never cheap — there’s also the added guilt of chucking away a load of unnecessary packaging at the end of it. You may tell yourself you’ll reuse those flimsy, stained Chinese takeaway tubs for your packed lunches, but let’s be real: they’re ending up in the bin.

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Well, DabbaDrop is revolutionising our Friday night takeaways — delivering delicious, fresh and healthy vegetarian curries in reusable containers. The idea is simple: you commit to a subscription, where you’ll get one or two takeaways per month, and each time a new meal gets delivered, you’ll return your used containers. You’ll pay a one-off fee for the reusable tiffin tins when you first sign up, plus a monthly subscription cost (£27pm for one delivery, £44pm for two deliveries).

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So what about the food? The menu will change on a weekly basis, meaning you’ll get to try something different each time you get a delivery. Each dish has been inspired by co-founder Anshu’s heirloom family recipes from Mumbai, and the ingredients have all been sourced from local markets or trusted suppliers. Each ‘drop’ will contain a meal for two, including one delicious dal, two vegetable curries, one rice and four roti. You can also add homemade samosas, chutneys and pickles to your orders as you wish.

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DabbaDrop is currently only available in Hackney, but it’s coming to Leyton, Walthamstow, Islington and Tower Hamlets soon. They deliver everything by bicycle to reduce emissions, and it’ll get to you between 7 and 8:30pm on the Friday evenings of your choice. You can, of course, pause your subscription at any time, but there’s more on that on their website.

*okay, I rarely feel guilty, but thanks for sticking with me on that train of thought… 

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