10 Brilliant Binge-Worthy Crime Dramas That Are On Netflix Now

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan

Crime dramas

The perfect way to end lockdown.

Netflix has provided a sort of solace for us throughout this past year, giving us the gift of entertainment when we needed it the most. Every genre on the streaming platform is absolutely popping right now, but the reigning category of all? Crime dramas. From gritty British murder mysteries to mind-boggling techy stories that give us a Black Mirror-esque fright – here are just some of the best crime dramas on Netflix right now.

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1. The One

Ok, so we’ve already binge-watched this one here at Secret London, and all we can say is it had us hooked. We’re talking ‘watched-the-whole-season-in-one-day’ kind of hooked. Based on the novel of the same name, The One is a Black Mirror-meets-Marcella kind of drama, following a number of characters (and a murder mystery) who are all in some way connected by the new super-tech dating app ‘The One’. The app uses DNA to match users with their perfect other half, and as you’ve probably already guessed, it causes a whole lot of chaos in a whole lot of ways. Stream it all on Netflix now. 

2. Lupin

French drama Lupin has had viewers gripped since its release only a couple of months ago, with part two officially teased just two weeks ago. The series is a retelling of the classic French story about Arsène Lupin – a world-famous thief who plans a complex robbery of the Louvre. We can’t go into too much more detail without spoiling the whole plot for you, however, if you were a fan of Money Heist, White Collar or Sherlock, you might be pretty into this one. Binge-watch season one now. 

3. White Lines

Crime dramas

White Lines took the UK by storm upon its release last summer, with many binge-watching it in just one day. The drama follows Zoe Walker (played by Laura Haddock), who leaves Manchester behind to figure out why her brother has disappeared in Ibiza. Zoe is led down a dangerous rabbit hole on her search and discovers that not everything is as innocent as it seems. The limited series consists of just ten episodes and can be streamed now.

4. Criminal: United Kingdom

Crime dramas

An interesting concept which sees a different case and a different suspect each episode, Criminal is set in just one interrogation room – and while the interrogation team remains the same each time, the suspect does not. So far, the series has seen huge names under suspicion of different crimes – including Kit Harington, David Tennant, Hayley Atwell and Kunal Nayyar. The series currently consists of two series, which can both be binge-watched on Netflix now. 

5. Snowpiercer

Crime dramas

In case you needed to live in a world far more dystopian than our own seems right now – Snowpiercer has just the type of doom and gloom you’re after. Starring Sean Bean, Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs – the show takes place seven years after the Earth has frozen over and become inhabitable for humans, on a train with an eternal engine that continuously travels around the globe to preserve the human race. And just to keep things realistic (lol), there’s a fair bit of crime that takes place on the train, which results in the leaders of the train requiring the help of an unlikely hero to solve a murder. The show airs weekly each Tuesday, however, season one is available to stream in full now.

6. The Sinner

Crime dramas

The show that’s had us all hooked since *SPOILER* Jessica Biel stabbed that guy to death on a random beach, The Sinner now consists of three seasons – each as peculiar as the next. Following Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman), the series delves into a number of murderous cases, which each drag out a dark side in the experienced detective. Think Luther, but far less gritty, and with far less Idris Elba (unfortunately). If you haven’t watched it yet, be sure to set aside a few days to really get your teeth stuck into it – because trust us, you’ll want to. Stream all three seasons now.

7. Narcos

Crime dramas

Ok, so Narcos has been running for six years already, but it wouldn’t be a crime drama list without it. The beloved series, which chronicles the rise of the cocaine trade in Colombia, depicts real-life drug lords such as Pablo Escobar, making for a gripping watch. As gritty as crime dramas come, the series follows both law enforcement and the drug enterprises across three seasons, with a spin-off called Narcos: Mexico also streaming, too. That’s a whole lotta drug-related drama. Stream it now.

8. Lucifer

Crime dramas

A cop drama that combines crime and murder with the supernatural, Lucifer is based on the DC comics of the same name, which follows the King of Hell as he embarks on a new life in Los Angeles. Soon enough, he finds himself involved in a police officer helping her to solve a number of serious crimes – all the while trying to hide his true identity as the Devil. Funny, clever and incredibly binge-worthy, Lucifer currently consists of five seasons, with a sixth confirmed for the future. Watch it on Netflix now.

9. Good Girls

Crime dramas

A well-cast and well-written series that takes our boring, crime-free souls on a wild ride – Good Girls follows three suburban mums in desperate need of cash, who fall into the dark and dangerous business of money laundering. The mums must continue to navigate their normal, suburban lives without a hitch, all the while keeping a murderous gangster happy. Stream it now.

10. The Stranger

Crime dramas

Filmed in Manchester and Stockport, The Stranger has been a huge hit with crime drama fans, thanks to its incredibly gripping storyline that keeps you guessing every. single. episode. The premise of the show follows a ‘stranger’ who somehow knows a whole lot of secrets about a number of people within the community, dropping huge bombshells that result in a man’s wife going missing. If you’re on the lookout for a show that has you shocked at every turn, this one’s for you. Stream it now.

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