This Interactive Map Shows All Active Covid Cases In The UK By Postcode

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Find out how many active Covid cases are in your neighbourhood with this user-friendly map.

Despite the incredible news that over 13 million people have now been vaccinated in the UK, Covid is still very much on the loose. I’m sure at some point we’ve all wondered how many people in our neighbourhood have the dreaded virus and this very handy interactive map will tell us exactly that. The map uses government data to monitor the number of covid infections all over the UK, breaking down the information by postcode. [Featured image: gov.uk]

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It is updated every week and uses a very simple colour coordination system to highlight the number of active covid cases per neighbourhood. There are eight colours in total, ranging from white (less than three cases) to black (over 800 cases), with yellow, green, blue and burgundy shades in between. Essentially, the darker the colour, the more people have Covid in the area.

Covid Map
Photo: gov.uk

Most regions in London are currently a mixture of green and blue, with very few areas represented by the darker shades. There are even a few boroughs such as Hornsey West and Wimbledon Hill that now have fewer than three cases in total!

For a more in depth analysis of each neighbourhood, you can simply type in your postcode or click on the different areas on the map. In doing so, you will find out how many current cases there are, if that number has increased or decreased from the previous week, the rolling rate and how the area compares to the rest of England.

If you want to know how your area is faring, check out the map here.

In other news, the Transport Secretary has announced that ‘vaccine passports’ are being developed.

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