Much Of London Has Seen A Decrease In Covid-19 Cases This Week

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

London Covid cases

When compared to last week of completed data, over half of London’s boroughs have seen a drop in new Covid-19 cases.

It’s only the first day of England’s November lockdown, but there’s already some good news for London. Statistics posted on the government website have signalled a decrease in Covid-19 transmission across a large portion of London’s boroughs, which is fantastic news. From October 24-30, the data indicates that 13,103 tested positive for Covid-19 in London. This means that per 100,000 people, 146 people tested positive for Covid during that period of time.

The figures are still a bit daunting, but there is cause for optimism, in that the last complete week of data told a different story. This previous week of data had seen 13,650 people test positive for Covid-19, with a rate of 152 people per 100,000 infected. All in all, 19 out of London’s 32 boroughs have seen a drop in positive tests when compared to the previous week of complete data.

Although we know that things could easily get worse again before they get better, Londoners will be please to see that 547 fewer people have been diagnosed with this awful virus compared to the previous week – a positive thing to hear, no matter what the future holds. Of course, the fall in cases will only continue so long as everyone follows social distancing guidelines, wears a mask, and washes their hands frequently. So keep up the good work, London!

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