You Can Now Stay In Your Very Own Luxury Costa Rican Bubble With A Private Pool

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan

You Can Now Stay In Your Very Own Luxury Costa Rican Bubble With A Private Pool

Take a break away from civilisation in your very own bubble…

Right near the beach in stunning Costa Rica lies Satori, a unique hotel consisting of four private “bubble” types for guests to find some escapism in. Taking inspiration from the elements, the romantic experience is ideal for a couples getaway, and where better to jet off to than the tropics?

Each private bubble features a transparent structure perfect for stargazing, with all the amenities you need promising to “help make anxiety vanish from your daily routine”. And with a private saltwater pool outside every bubble, we’re betting that statement has some truth behind it.

Situated just a four-minute walk away from the nearby beach, guests can enjoy the sweeping white sands and clear blue sea by day, before taking in nature surrounds in the evening, with a romantic ambience lighting up each bubble. By day, guests can make use of the bubble covers to keep their unique holiday homes cool and shaded, providing solace from the hot sun if you’re in need of a little break.

Bubbles are decked out with comfy double beds, freestanding tubs overlooking the outside nature, locally sourced decor items, and luxuries such as AC, Wifi, a minibar and even a coffee maker stocked with Costa Rican coffee. And if that wasn’t enough, guests can enjoy a floating breakfast in the mornings, with beautiful smoothie bowls decorated with tropical flowers. Can’t get anymore Instagrammable than that.

Prices start at approximately £150 per night, with prices increasing during the peak and dry seasons. Find out more here.