Weddings Have Now Been Capped At A Maximum Of Five People, Including The Priest

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Weddings Have Now Been Capped At A Maximum Of Five People, Including The Priest

The loved up couple, the officiating priest, and two witnesses.

That’s the legal minimum and that’s all you’re getting at your wedding during the Coronavirus crisis.

The Church of England, having already suspended all church services, confirmed that weddings and funerals may go ahead, but that the service would be different from any most people had attended before.

The Church has stated that ‘no additional church personnel will attend the service, for example organists, vergers or sound system operator etc’ but that efforts will be made to find ways to include family and friends via streaming platforms like Skype, or recording the service so that it may be sent to relatives and friends at a later date.

Nonetheless, the Church has assured its believers that ‘the priest does not have to touch the rings to bless them, nor does he or she have to touch the couple’s hands as part of a prayer or blessing, so it is possible for the service to proceed as normal.’ And most importantly, ‘God’s love and blessing will still surround all those who would have been there that day’.

The soon-to-be-wed couple are excused from observing the social distancing measures put into practice.

However, couples who do wish to cancel their wedding have the option of doing so while still receiving a full refund on amounts paid. Furthermore, those wishing to postpone their celebration should contact their church in order to make arrangements wherever possible.

It might not be everyone’s idea of the perfect wedding, with just five people in attendance, but we’re sure there are plenty of you out there already thinking this might be your one shot to avoid the big wedding everyone’s expecting you to have.

In other news: the Tower Of London is closing to the public on Friday.

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