10 Brilliant Coronavirus Comics From Artists Around The World

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz

10 Brilliant Coronavirus Comics From Artists Around The World

Transcribing our experiences is a uniquely human trait.

So it goes without saying that, in the time of COVID-19, there are many of us picking up pens and pencils as a means to stay sane; recounting our daily experiences and trying to make something out of this trying, troubling, and tricky time we find ourselves living in. (Featured image: @linehostrup

But thanks to technology, and platforms where artists are able to post their works online, stories today can be shared all around the world in an instant; connecting the experiences of people all over the world.

After all, we may be living in different countries, but we are all facing the same crisis right now. Although it may be separating us physically from one another, it just might bring communities around the world closer.

These comics and illustrations are a mix of humour, astute observations and kind reminders that perfectly sum up this time of our lives.

1. Havocbeans

Havocbeans has been posting daily snapshots capturing incidents, thoughts and feelings that many of us will definitely relate to while being stuck inside.

2. Maaike Hartjes

This illustrator, comic artist and cartoonist from the Netherlands has been sick, and yet still finds the time to draw and create. There’s certainly a few of us who would relate to the post above.

3. Line Høj Høstrup

Here’s a beautiful little reminder by Danish cartoonist Line Høj Høstrup to keep in contact with those around us during this difficult time.

4. Adam Ahl

A comical look at the imaginary conversation we are all having right now with coronavirus, by NYC-based illustrator and cartoonist Adam Ahl.

5. Sina Simbürger 

Each day is a struggle. It might help to know that you are not alone.

6. Karantina Lina

Posting from Beirut, Karentina Lina is the visual diary of a university teacher just trying to do her job while stuck in quarantine.

7. Mazen Kerbaj

Follow what Mazen Kerbaj—father, musician, artist—is doing “instead of what he should have done”.

8. RBT


The above post from Living Among The Growing Numbers is the first in a long series of daily posts concerning the coronavirus in South Korea. The website shows the posts in anti-chronological order.

9. Lody Njiokiktjien

Lody provides great commentary on the difficulties that many extroverts are feeling right now being stuck inside, contrasting it with an introvert’s perspective.

10. Malaka Gharib

Written specifically for kids, Malaka Gharib’s comic for NPR breaks down what the coronavirus is and how to stay safe.

See also: this handy video explains social distancing with the help of Wes Anderson films.