Train Travel To Many Stations Outside Of London Could Be Going Contactless

Contactless Travel Nationwide

Paper tickets may disappear forever, according to new proposals to expand the contactless catchment area.

Yesterday, Department for Transport (DfT) announced that discussions were being had as to whether or not pay-as-you-go rail travel would expand nationwide. (Header image: Paul Kitchener

The PAYG system – i.e. using a contactless bank card or smartcard/Oyster to tap in and out of journeys on public transport – is currently in place in London, and was also introduced across Yorkshire late last year.


By ditching the need for paper tickets, thus the need to queue, this could be a giant leap in the way of convenience.

Rail minister Andrew Jones told The Independent: “We want to make rail journeys simpler and easier for passengers. Smart ticketing is the modern answer – offering simpler fares, fairer deals and less confusion for passengers.”


The consultation will last for 12 weeks and will consider the opinions of passengers and other rail stakeholders. If the response is positive, DfT reckon the scheme will be rolled out by 2020.

The proposed scheme would include key commuter routes, including the likes of Reading, Luton, Guildford, Stansted Airport, and even further out to Brighton, Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Oxford.

If all goes to plan, it could make those spontaneous day trips from London a hell of a lot easier.

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