Split Your Sides Laughing At London’s Brilliant Comedy Brunch

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Comedy Brunch

It’s been a tough year. You need a laugh. Luckily, London’s Comedy Brunch is here to help.

Laughter is the best medicine, and whilst I would wait for the coronavirus vaccine before testing that theory too much, one London bottomless brunch is providing hilarity in spades. Once a month, Comedy Brunch rocks up in town with a mission to leave your sides splitting both from bottomless food and rum punch, and a stellar lineup of comedy acts that’ll put the grin firmly on your face. We’re definitely in need of a laugh after the year we’ve had, so why not pick up your tickets for the next date?

Comedy Brunch

Some of the top acts from London’s comedy circuit come to ply their trade at the Comedy Brunch, and their standup is honestly good enough to distract you from the bottomless rum punch on offer – which is about the highest compliment we can pay them! The lineup changes for each brunch, but rib-tickling comedians such as Nabil Abdulrashid, Aurie Styla, Eshaan Akbar, Maureen Younger, and Thanyia Moore have all put in appearances at past brunches. Whoever’s on the bill, you can pretty much bet you’ll be crying with laughter in between sets from the brunch’s resident DJs.

Comedy Brunch

To go with your hour of bottomless rum punch, you’ll be treated to an hour of bottomless fried chicken and fries (with vegetarian and vegan optionsavailable for the meat-avoiders amongst you). You may need to plan bites in between the constant chortling, but hey, laughter and fried chicken is a pretty good one as tough choices go…

Comedy Brunch and Cocktails

27 February, 2022 1:30 PM
Secret Location London
From £15.00

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