Scour The City, Interrogate Witnesses And Collect Clues To Unravel This Murder Mystery

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Scour The City, Interrogate Witnesses And Collect Clues To Unravel This Murder Mystery

The Ripper is on the loose, but can you catch them before they strike again?

Jack The Ripper has a copycat killer in town and they’ve struck fear into the heart of London. A third victim has turned up dead and the community is frightened by the lack of leads. The police, fearing the worst in this murder mystery, is seeking help from the city’s finest private investigators.

In The Ripper, CluedUpp’s most popular storyline, teams of highly skilled detectives take to the streets of the city to solve the case. But the question remains, can you solve it or will this assassin get away?

You and your crew will scour the city, solve clues and riddles to eliminate suspects and murder weapons in order to track down the cold-blooded killer. Which witness will you interrogate first and what will you ask them? The choices are yours to make in this interactive and outdoor adventure game, but hurry because the clock is ticking.

Aside from the city as your game board, this murder mystery experience is entirely virtual. The details of the narrative unfold as you play and virtual clues, puzzles and witnesses appear at various locations across town thanks to CluedUpp’s award-winning app. You even get to chase down suspects to make up for wrong answers and lost time. 

Where the game will begin and where it will take you, we’re not too sure. All we know is that you can begin the game whenever between 9am and 2pm on the day of the event. But to find out where to start and to receive the briefing, you’ll have to sign up to play and wait for further instructions.

Part of the fun of CluedUpp’s The Ripper is that teams dress up in their best sleuthing outfits. And you’re going to want to because even if you don’t find the culprit first, you might still come away with the prize for best-dressed. There are also prizes for the best team picture, best team name, a best young detective and in the event that you take along your dog, there’s a canine prize too.

CluedUpp’s next London event takes place on Saturday 28 August in Westminster. However, with a strictly limited number of detective squads able to participate, you’ll need to be quick to get in on the case.

A ticket to play will set you back £36 and is valid for up to six players and children under 16 play for free.

 👉 Find out if you have what it takes to stop the copycat killer.

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