Claridge’s Offers Dinner And Beds For NHS Workers During Coronavirus Crisis

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Claridge’s Offers Dinner And Beds For NHS Workers During Coronavirus Crisis

NHS workers unable to return home are welcome to dine and sleep at the iconic Claridge’s in Mayfair.

Having closed last week for the first time in its 208-year history, Claridge’s will be reopening as a refuge for NHS workers in London who are unable to return home. From Friday, up to 40 doctors, nurses and other staff will move into rooms at Claridge’s with most expected to remain for at least a week, if not more.

The hotel, whose rooms normally begin at around £650 per night, will be including breakfast and dinner for the hardworking NHS heroes battling the coronavirus on the frontline. Many, after long shifts, are unable to return home due to fears of infecting a loved one, particularly those in high-risk categories. Joining the London workers will also be staff from around the country who have been brought into the city to deal with the outbreak and have nowhere to stay. More NHS workers are expected to stay at Claridge’s in the coming weeks.

Paddy McKillen, co-owner of the Maybourne Group, which runs Claridge’s, said that just as the hotel had stepped up in previous world wars to support the people of London, Claridge’s will once again step up and “support the dedicated NHS workers at this critical time”, revealing that teams from across all of their hotels had volunteered to help.

Currently, kitchen staff from the Connaught and the Berkeley are preparing meals for NHS staff.

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