52 Of The Most Beautiful Bird’s-Eye Views Of Cities Around The World

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

52 Of The Most Beautiful Bird’s-Eye Views Of Cities Around The World

These bird’s-eye shots are truly spectacular.

Here, inspired by a brilliant tweet from Joaquim Campa, you’ll find a roundup of some of the world’s most jaw-dropping vistas. He credits a site called Overview, which provides visitors with the most incredible views from the air. Their website showcases gorgeous satellite and aerial imagery that “demonstrate[s] how human activity and natural forces shape our Earth”. Here are some of our favourites:

1. London, UK

Where else would we start? 😉

2. Madrid, Spain

3. Venice, Italy

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

5. Sydney, Australia

6. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

7. Primosten, Croatia

8. La Plata, Argentina

9. Chicago, USA

10. Mossel Bay, South Africa

11. Helsinki, Finland

12. Hong Kong

13. Moscow, Russia

14. Tel Aviv, Israel

15. Kingston, Jamaica

16. Mumbai, India

17. Mexico City, Mexico

18. Minsk, Belarus

19. Vatican City

20. Damascus, Syria

21. Boston, USA

22. Fez, Morocco

23. Dakar, Senegal

24. Delhi, India

25. Antofagasta, Chile

26. Asunción, Paraguay

27. Beirut, Lebanon

28. Casablanca, Morocco

29. Santiago, Chile

30. Seoul, South Korea

31. Naples, Italy

32. Budapest, Hungary

33. Nice, France

34. Luanda, Angola

35. Ibiza, Spain

36. Melbourne, Australia

37. Seattle, USA

38. Juba, South Sudan

39. Dubai, UAE

40. Chongqing, China

42. Vancouver, Canada

43. Rome, Italy

44. Hamburg, Germany

45. Paris, France

46. Berlin, Germany

47. Central Park, New York, USA

48. Barcelona, Spain

49. Marrakech, Morocco

50. Stockholm, Sweden

51. Brussels, Belgium

52. Brasilia, Brazil

Can’t get enough? For more spectacular imagery, head to Overview’s website.