A Magical, Snowy Christmas Cinema Has Appeared In Peckham

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Cinema in the Snow

Step into a winter wonderland at Cinema in the Snow.

I’ll be honest with you, the trials and travails of 2020 have led me to contemplate hiding in the wardrobe on more than one occasion, but with the year drawing to a slightly more optimistic close, I’ve happened upon the best reason yet. That’s because one magical wardrobe, belonging to the cinephiles of Pop Up Screens, isn’t just hiding your unloved coats. It is, in fact, the gateway to an enchanting Christmas cinema, filled with snow-draped fir trees and toasty winter warmers. You’ll find all your favourite festive films at Cinema in the Snow this winter, and tickets are available here!

Cinema in the Snow

A trip through Cinema in the Snow’s wardrobe is like stepping into a different world, almost as if Lapland had been unleashed inside a Peckham warehouse. The glistening winter forest – adorned with fairy lights, lanterns, and life-like snow – is hiding a full-sized cinema screen, upon which you’ll be able to escape into a catalogue of Christmas favourites.

Cinema in the Snow

The cinema will screen family-friendly fare such as Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street. and Frozen 2, along with musical fare from The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Greatest Showman, and a smattering of romance from everyone’s favourite seasonal romcoms, including Love Actually and The Holiday. Oh, and of course, there will be plenty of chances to see Elf before the big day rolls around!

Cinema in the Snow

Cinema in the Snow has an on-site bar where you’ll be able to pick up mulled wine and hot chocolate, along with popcorn to snack on. To snuggle amongst the snow-covered scenery and enjoy a festive flick has become doubly dreamy after spending a month in lockdown, so book your trip through the wardrobe and settle in for an unforgettable Christmas treat.

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