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A Magical Immersive Chocolate Factory Will Open In London This Year

By Alex Landon

Chocolate Factory

Enter a world of sweets at this immersive Chocolate Factory!

Life may have dimmed our childhood imaginations a bit, but London’s newest immersive experience is here to get you dreaming about fantastical worlds once more. In fact, it’ll transform those dreams into reality. The Chocolate Factory aims to immerse you in a world of sweets, where sight, smell, and taste all bring this candy-themed adventure to life. You journey will take you through a series of magical themed rooms, and naturally, you’ll be able to eat your way through the experience too. It opens on September 17 at Westfield London in White City, and you can find tickets here!

At The Chocolate Factory, the feeling of immersion into a sweet-themed world is absolute. The multisensory experience will be absolute heaven for sweet lovers of all ages, with all your favourite treats used to construct this cathedral of candy. You’ll find this secret candyland amongst the shopping paradise of Westfield London, where it’ll delight all-comers throughout the autumn.

As you walk through the experience, you’ll move from Chocolate Town to the Cupcake Room, and from the Ball Pit to Cloudland. Just imagine all the selfie opportunities those enchanting backdrops will give you! (In fact, we’d advise you to take many photos to just confirm that no, this isn’t just a glorious dream.)

Finally, your stop inside The Chocolate Factory itself will allow you to taste all the tantalising treats you’ve glimpsed during your visit. Think chocolates, lollipops, gummy bears, and much more! The Chocolate Factory has already taken Madrid by storm, and London is the next place to experience this unique wonderland of sugar – to make your sweetest dreams come true, just pick up your tickets for The Chocolate Factory here!

The Chocolate Factory: Step into a World of Sweets!

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