This Magical Chocolate Factory Promises A Splendidly Sweet Photo Experience

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This Magical Chocolate Factory Promises A Splendidly Sweet Photo Experience

Life may have dimmed our childhood imaginations a bit, but London’s newest photo experience will have you as wide-eyed as a kid in a candy shop. As soon as you step foot inside The Chocolate Factory you’ll be digging out your phone to immortalise the kaleidoscopic utopia of sweets and chocolate before you, collecting proof you have not just stumbled into some candy-crush dream world.

Instagram addicts will be in their element, taking sweet-filled selfies in the series of magical themed rooms, and of course, you’ll be able to eat your way through the experience too. It’s now open at Westfield London in White City, and you can find tickets here — it might even be the perfect Christmas gift for a friend or loved one with a sweet tooth, eh?

At The Chocolate Factory, the feeling of immersion into a sweet-themed world is absolute. Make sure your phone is fully charged. The multi sensory experience has photo opportunities around every corner. Whether it’s filming your friend in a neon-tinted ball pit, snapping yourself as a cupcake-winged angel or recreating Hansel & Gretel among gingerbread houses, you’ll want to immortalise the occasion on camera. Plus, if you fancy yourself a photographer, there are social media competitions to win prizes with the best picture.

With the impending prequel to Willy Wonka recently announced, some of you may be introducing your kids to the adventures of Charlie and his suspiciously revitalised Grandpa Joe. Witnessing the delicious wonders of the chocolate factory will no doubt inspire a question or two from the young first-time viewers. Namely, ‘where can I get a golden ticket?‘ and ‘when can we go?‘. Luckily, there’ll be no need to try and explain the concept of fiction vs. reality with The Chocolate Factory around, and you can be parent of the year making your sweet-tooth child’s dreams come true.

After exploring the delights of Chocolate Town, Cloudland and the Cupcake Room, your final stop inside The Chocolate Factory itself will allow you to taste all the tantalising treats you’ve glimpsed during your visit. Think chocolates, lollipops, gummy bears, and much more! The Chocolate Factory has already taken Madrid by storm, and London is the next place to experience this unique wonderland of sugar – pick up your tickets for The Chocolate Factory here!

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