A Stunning Botanical Garden Installation Has Covered Chinatown In Flowers

Julie Freeman Julie Freeman - Staff Writer

London Chinatown Botanical Garden Flower Installation

Chinatown has been transformed into a colourful botanical garden, with gorgeous blooms covering Gerrard Street.

The sun is out, and Londoners are flocking to the streets to stroll through food markets, enjoy picnics in the park, and gather in beer gardens. Those heading to Chinatown will be greeted with incredible displays of floating flowers from today, as Gerrard Street has welcomed an immersive botanical garden installation, just in time for summer.

Photo: Jamie Lau

Visitors can walk beneath giant pink Chinese peonies, orange tiger lilies, yellow sunflowers, blue orchids, peach blossoms, tulips, and colourful hibiscus plants. The botanical garden installation is inspired by traditional inner-city gardens that can be found all over East and South East Asia, functioning as relaxing spots to enjoy a moment of tranquil peace during a day out. Each of the seven flowers on display has its own cultural meaning, from prosperity and good fortune to rebirth and hope.

Photo: Jamie Lau

In addition to the visual feature, local restaurants are introducing special edition ‘Botanical Garden’ dishes, incorporating edible flowers and roots into authentic East and South East Asian meals. The area is currently home to over 40 al fresco restaurants, as well as an additional 150 seats in Newport Place, where visitors can enjoy a variety of food for takeaway.

The Gerrard Street botanical garden installation will be in place until August, so you’ll have plenty of time to wander through the pretty flower-covered Chinatown alley.

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