Say It With Cake This Valentine’s Day With These Epic Chocolate Sponges

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Heartbreaker cakes

Got feelings you can’t put into words? Chin Chin are here to help.

It’s a daunting thing, to say “I Love You” for the first time. But there’s a way you can make that first utterance extra special, and it quite obviously involves cake. Because all the best things do, don’t they? Anyway, London ice cream parlour Chin Chin – famed for their wicked use of liquid nitrogen to create the smoothest scoops in town – are gearing up for Valentine’s Day, and they’re helping you out with the return of their sweet and sincere Heartbreaker cakes.

Heartbreaker cakes

Sweet not just in message, the delectable Heartbreaker cakes feature peanut buttercream sandwiched between two layers of heart-shaped moist chocolate cake, and encased in a velvety chocolate glaze. Um, YUM! Best of all, Chin Chin’s chefs stand by to hand-pipe a personalised message to your boo, whether that be a straight to the point “I Love You”, or a heartfelt “Babe”.

Heartbreaker cakes

Of course, love comes in many forms besides romantic love, so Chin Chin also suggest “Be My Galentine” for those celebrating Galentine’s Day this February. There are also witty options for singletons; should you be ready to mingle (virtually, I guess?) this Valentine’s Day, a cake inscribed “Heartbreaker” will do a fine job of informing potential partners that you’re a loveable rogue. And of course, if you’re a strong, independent type who knows you don’t need love to validate your existence, “Better Alone” is the affirming missive you’ll want.

Heartbreaker cakes

They’re utterly indulgent, much like the all-encompassing joy of your relationship/unshakeable friendship/no-limits treats you lavish upon yourself (delete as appropriate). The Heartbreaker cakes are currently available to pre-order, and will be available for collection from Chin Chin’s Soho store on February 12. They’ll cost £7.90 for two, and if you’re a singleton wondering what to do with the second cake, I have three words for you: Treat. Yo. Self!

You can place your order here, and find Chin Chin Soho at 54 Greek Street, W1D 3DS. 

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