You Can Get £300 Flights From London To New York This Christmas

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You Can Get £300 Flights From London To New York This Christmas

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For the best part of 20 months, flying to the US has been a tricky affair — with international borders officially closed since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. However, come November 8, us lot over here in Blighty will have the chance to start spreading the news once again and fly to the states.

For double-jabbed travellers that have waited months on end for this news, it’ll be music to your ears; just as the dulcet tones of Sinatra will be as you cruise into the Empire State on the cheap.

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Yep, to handily coincide with Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can get flights to New York City for £319 courtesy of British Airways. Spending the winter season will have never felt so bright as you stroll past the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center, or shuffle out of the cold and into Broadway Theatre for an evening performance.

Or, if you fancy waking up on Christmas Day with the sun blazing through your windows (let’s be honest, London doesn’t pull its weight in that department), you can also nab some reasonably-priced (£305) flights to Tampa, Florida.

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From the New Year, in fact, these prices get even better with a trip to the sunshine state (Tampa, Miami or Orlando) setting you back as little as £293. You can even venture far west to the City Of Angels from £330, or San Francisco for £339.

The majority of the quoted prices jet out from London Heathrow or Gatwick, with London City Airport also chipping in with some bargains.

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Currently, each state has its own quarantine rules, so it’s best to read up on the latest travel advice from the government sites in both the US and the UK. It is, however, thought that these rules will change by the time November 8 rolls around.

British Airways are running their sale until October 27, so you’ll need to act fast to take advantage of this cost effective American adventure this Christmas. Check out the BA website to choose your festive destination.

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