Changing Of The Guard At Buckingham Palace Takes Place For First Time In 18 Months

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Changing of the Guard

A triumphant return for the Changing of the Guard!

The changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace has taken place for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March 2020.

As many may have previously witnesses, the changing of the guards is a historic occasion that draws in large crowds to witness the colourful military changing of the Coldstream guards that protect the Royal grounds of Buckingham Palace.

Monday (August 23) marked the first of its kind in eighteen months, celebrating the success of the Team GB athletes at the Tokyo Olympics.

Kitted out in their famous red tunics and bearskin hats, the guards took to their route from the Wellington Barracks to take over from the old guard, Nijmegen Company Grenadier Guards. The Band of the Coldstream Guards played hits to soundtrack to occasion, including Gold by Spandau Ballet, Chariots Of Fire, The Olympic theme and more.

The Queen was not in attendance due to still being on her annual break at Balmoral.

Garrison Sergeant Major Andrew Stokes, of the Coldstream Guards, said: “Bearing in mind it’s been 18 months since we last did a ceremonial Changing the Guard (at Buckingham Palace), there’s been an awful lot of hard work and preparation getting people up to standard”, he said as some of those taking part in the parade carried out the duty for the first time.

He added: “The guardsmen enjoy it because lots of members of the public and tourists come and watch – sometimes up to 20,000 in the middle of summer.

“The musicians enjoy it because they get to practise their skill in front of a willing audience, and it instils an awful lot of pride knowing that all these people have come to watch these very young guardsmen and musicians.”

During the first eighteen months of the pandemic, guards took over their sentry duty positions, but there was no ceremony.

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