A Brand New Cat Cafe Will Open In Marylebone This Year

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Paws everything, because Catlantis is on the way.

The lost city of Atlantis has inspired countless depictions, from streets paved with gold to technologically-advanced merpeople. Perhaps centuries from now, people will write just as fervently about Catlantis, which is neither a city nor lost, but rather a cat cafe that’ll be appearing in Marylebone rather soon.

Photo: @catlantis_london

No set date has been given for the grand unveiling of Catlantis (love the name, incidentally), but a few tantalising details have already been released. The folks behind Catlantis are hoping to feature fifteen rescued cats, who have been fostered from a local shelter. They’ve also pledged to take a leaf out of Lady Dinah’s book – that’s right, London will soon boast TWO cat cafes! – and make the space as welcoming and stress-free for the cats as possible.

Photo: @catlantis_london

Other great initiatives will see Catlantis donate a portion of their revenue to Cats Protection, to help feline welfare, and stock coffee, tea, and juices from Fairtrade suppliers. All wonderful, and naturally a visit here will surely result in countless ear-scratching, belly rubs, and purrs of approval. Add in the mooted cat-shaped entrance and stylish interiors, and it’s hard to escape the conclusion that Catlantis really is the cat’s pyjamas…

No exact location or opening date has been given, but you can sign up for news and developments on their website.

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