This Captivating Candlelight Concert Showcases The Talents Of Pianist Tom Ashbrook

Chloe Byrne Chloe Byrne - Staff Writer

This Captivating Candlelight Concert Showcases The Talents Of Pianist Tom Ashbrook

Soak up the spellbinding sounds of pianist Tom Ashbrook at this Candlelight Original Session.

We’ve all experienced the immersive power of film soundtracks; listened intently as symphonies capture the awe of an epic scene or seen a character’s storm of emotions reflected in a haunting rush of melody. This, alongside composing to visuals, was an early interest for Tom Ashbrook, a classically trained pianist, producer and composer. Over the course of his career the Yorkshire-born musician went on to draw from these emotive influences – plus picked up a passion for experimenting with synthesisers and creating soundscapes along the way – and established his signature sound: a mesmerising fusion of electronic and classical piano compositions.

For one night only, you can witness the musical mind of Tom Ashbrook live at an atmospheric Candlelight Original Session, taking place on October 7 in the stunning Southwark Cathedral.

The magical evening will see Ashbrook perform original compositions such as Collide and All Clear, illuminated only by the dusky glow of candlelight and enhanced by the amazing acoustics of the centuries-old venue.

Southwark Cathedral has seen many forms since its Medieval-era inception; starting life as a convent, then later rebuilt in Gothic style after being severely damaged in the Great Fire of 1212 and undergoing a series of reconstructions over the following decades, before eventually being officially designated a cathedral back in 1905. The grand historic architecture still remains, making for a fascinating backdrop to Tom Ashbrook’s intimate 60-minute set.

If you like the sound of sinking into a seat as the transporting melodies of this talented pianist wash over you, then make sure to grab tickets here.

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