A Landmark ‘Observation Wheel’ Has Been Proposed To Set Up Shop At Camden Market In 2022

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A Landmark ‘Observation Wheel’ Has Been Proposed To Set Up Shop At Camden Market In 2022

The 32-metre wheel would offer views over the capital.

When you think of a day out in Camden, chances are your mind races through very specific memories. Be it a day spent trawling through the vintage clothes and haggling prices, or munching down on some cheap eats, it’s very likely you’re looking back fondly on your times at Camden Market.

Now, the beloved space has received a very left-field proposal: a giant observation wheel. Yep, you read that correctly. LabTech, the landlord for Camden Market have put forward proposals for the giant new installation to be built by 2022, to offer beautiful views over the capital. It would be a five-year, temporary proposal.

Londoners would have the chance to gaze out over Regent’s Canal, Paddington in the west and Limehouse in the east. It would sit in the Market’s West Yard, boasting a number of glass pods that are themed on a musical artist or genre that depicts Camden’s longstanding music heritage.

Commenting on the recent proposal, Maggie Milosavljevic, Commercial Director at LabTech said: “For the last 46 years, Camden Market has always been regarded as the cultural landmark of the North London landscape.

“It has made a significant contribution to contemporary London culture, spanning the worlds of film and television, music and events, arts, crafts and fashion. The launch of the observation wheel will further cement Camden’s pledge to support local businesses and enhance its role as a leading destination for culture in London.”

“We will soon be sharing our vision with all those who live, work and visit the area in order to get their feedback on our plans before a planning application is submitted later this year.”

And, if the wheel wasn’t enough in itself, the LabTech owners of Camden market have said they have further experimental activations to announce for 2022.

Whatever your thoughts on the new Camden wheel, one thing’s for sure. If the proposal went through, it would be a wheely big change to the historic Camden Market (sorry).

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