Feel All Aflutter At This South London Butterfly House

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The jewel of Forest Hill, the Horniman Museum, has just opened a new Butterfly House! (See more of London’s best museums.)

The tropical indoor garden contains dozens of rare and beautiful butterflies.

Horniman Butterfly

They’re happy at home amidst 500 exotic and tropical plants.

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You can even see the butterflies growing in their chrysalises:

Hang about for a bit and they might land on you.

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Although, if you’re like me, that might be your worst nightmare.

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Tickets are £6 each, with a family discount available.

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While you’re there, don’t miss the rad alpacas:

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The ENORMOUS bun-bun:

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The awesome camouflage wall:

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The freaky mermaid skeleton:

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The neat-o aquarium:

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The sweet view from the gardens:

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And, of course, the famous over-stuffed walrus:

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The Horniman Museum is at 100 London Rd, Forest Hill, SE23 3PQ. Booking tickets in advance for the butterfly house is recommended, to be sure of entry during the busy summer holidays. (Header photo by @hopkinsinnit.)

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Guy Parsons

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