A Lovely Butterfly Biosphere Will Appear In Mayfair Next Month

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Butterfly Biosphere

Celebrate your favourite flappers at London’s new Butterfly Biosphere.

Pop-ups just keep getting fancier and fancier, don’t they? The newest version, arriving on September 5th, isn’t merely a tasting experience, nor is it an immersive nature show. It’s actually both, with a load of gorgeous butterflies let loose for good measure. Setting up in Mayfair’s Grosvenor Square, the Butterfly Biosphere aims to raise awareness of butterfly conservation, whilst simultaneously being great for the ‘gram.

Indeed, the Butterfly Biosphere has gone all in on aesthetics, as the lepidopterarium reportedly features pink lighting and iridescent decor. They’ll even kit you out with a pair of rainbow spectacles, which will prove useful for the all-important selfies you’ll be taking (there’s even a winged throne to this effect). Bompass and Parr have created a nectar-based drink just for the occasion, and an “experiential walk” to the biosphere will teach you how to best appreciate the butterflies.

Butterfly Biosphere

Once inside the Butterfly Biosphere, you’ll find yourself in enchanting surroundings, as butterflies whizz around your head. Whilst no doubt appealing to the budding influencers amongst you, there’s a more pressing lesson to be learned. The London butterfly population has declined by 76% in the last four decades, and to reverse further declines requires a concerted effort – one which the biosphere will encourage through hatching sessions, ecology lessons, and the opportunity to donate to conservation initiatives.

All of which is excellent for ensuring the future survival of various brilliant UK butterfly species. But arguably more important than that is the fact that at last, Ron Weasley’s wishes have come true!

Find it at Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, from September 5th-15th – opening hours are 10am-7pm.

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