Build Your Own Burger And BYOB! Could This Offer Be Any More Perfect?

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You better get ready for a trip to Camden, because this event combines a bring-your-own alcohol policy with the chance to create your own bespoke burger! It’s fair to say that the Camden branch of Band of Burgers has given us a lot to be thankful for. We love a good bargain here at Secret London, so the chance to drink supermarket booze, in a restaurant, free of charge certainly appeals to our thrifty sides!

Pimp your burger to perfection with a choice between five different pattys, six different cheeses, seven different veggies, and 12 different sauces, including peanut butter! This one’s perfect for all you fussy eaters out there too, because here, the phrase “Can I have that without…” is forbidden! The opportunities are endless.

With its quirky, music-themed decor, and BYOB licence, we reckon Band of Burgers is the perfect place to enjoy pre-drinks. It’s only sensible to eat a hearty meal before a big night on the town, right? In fact, it’s practically mandatory. Make sure you book your tickets here to avoid disappointment.

Feature Image: Band Of Burgers

Lily Frohlich

Lily Frohlich

Lily fell in love with London after visiting the Natural History Museum on a day-trip from Bristol (aged four) and she’s never looked back. She’s a sucker for smashed avo’ and poached egg on toast, and she just can’t help herself from frequently posting pictures of her food on Instagram.