April Fools: One Of The Buckingham Palace Bedrooms Is Now On Airbnb

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Now you can spend a night in Buckingham Palace – without needing an invitation from the Queen.

Buckingham Palace is opening its gilded doors to the public as, in an unexpected move revealed last night, the Royal Household has opted to give popular holiday booking site Airbnb a whirl.

[Royal Collection Trust/ Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2015]
Listed simply as ‘Historic, Ornate Bedroom In Royal Residence’, this regal new offering was first unveiled yesterday evening. The opulent bedroom (which is a pricy but plausible £300 a night), is just one of 52 at the palace, and is available from July 21, when the palace traditionally opens it’s doors for a summer tour.

Confirming the authenticity of the listing, the palace’s press secretary said: ‘The Royal Family are committed to improving their ties with the local community and believe this new venture to be a fun and efficient way to promote the Palace as a historic site. The single bedroom listing is available for one night stays only, and is subject to availability. All guests will, by necessity, be subject to background security checks.’

[Royal Collection Trust/ Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2015]
It’s the perfect opportunity for fans of ‘The Crown’ to live the dream – the dream of sitting by a window, looking vaguely annoyed about being rich. The expansive space sleeps two adults and two children, with an en suite bathroom, and amenities include wi-fi, a hair-dryer and ‘hangers’ – although sadly not breakfast. The bed itself is – of course! – queen-sized, and promises a royally good sleep.

If you want the chance to stay in this iconic property you’ll need to move fast – almost every night from now until January 2019 has already been snapped up. That said, get searching – one might just happen to be awfully lucky, mightn’t one?

Featured Image: Royal UK

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