London’s First-Ever Brussels Sprouts Bar Is Coming, So It’s Finally Time To Eat Your Greens

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A shot of the four special Brussels sprouts dishes available at Taste of London this winter.

Push ’em round the plate all you like, but there’s always be a parental-sounding voice at the Christmas dinner table telling you to eat up those Brussels sprouts. Luckily, inspiration for a more palatable take on the much-maligned vegetable is arriving with Taste of London‘s festive edition, one which – dare we say it? – could even have you salivating for sprouts. On November 18, London’s first-ever Brussels Sprouts Bar arrives at the festival, with four top chefs reinventing the sprout for Christmas 2021.

Brussels sprouts

Hey, if you’re going to change public opinion on sprouts, you’re going to need to call in the big guns – and Taste of London have done just that. Each chef has produced a distinctive riff on a sprouts dish, starting with the Korean Corn Dog Sprout from BBC Million Pound Menu winner Jay Morjaria. That’s deep-fried sprouts served on a stick, and drizzled with gochujang ketchup, mustard, and parmesan cheese.

It’s a strong start, and the remaining dishes aren’t to be skipped either. Hicce head chef and founder Pip Lacey is also going down the deep-fried route, serving hers with pickled kohlrabi and hazelnut mayo, whilst food writer and Life Kitchen co-founder Ryan Riley opts for sweet and sour sprouts, flavoured with Asian influences and diced pancetta. Finally, Nirmal Sarve (executive chef at Gunpowder) has created a spicy Brussels sprouts fritter just for the occasion, serving it alongside a punchy mustard and green chilli dip.

Much like your Christmas Day sprouts, these veggies will be available for just one day only, and you’ll need to pop along to Taste of London on November 18 to try them (handily, we’ve got Taste of London tickets available right here). Oh, and there will be only 100 portions of each dish available, so you’re encouraged to run to the Sprout Bar to grab them before they’re gone. Running for sprouts? It’s a Christmas miracle…

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