A Herd Of Bronze Elephants Have Now Taken Up Residence In Spitalfields

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Bronze elephants

East London is now home to some bronze elephants.

The streets of London may be quiet at the moment, but over in Spitalfields, there’s a whole herd of arrivals adding a little cheer. A series of bronze elephants have been installed around Spitalfields Market and the local area, with 21 elephants now roaming the plains. And would you believe it, this isn’t their first appearance in the capital… [Featured image: @spitalfieldse1]

Yes, these are the same elephants you may have seen out at Marble Arch last year: a herd of twenty orphan elephants and one mother, who’ve apparently upped sticks and moved across town whilst we’ve been confined indoors. And whilst they’re extremely cute to look at, they’re there for a serious reason: to raise awareness of poaching, habitat destructions, and ecosystem changes, all of which threaten the existence of elephants in the wild.

As with before, each elephant corresponds to a real one that’s being protected and cared for by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Africa. Each elephant has a plaque to tell you their name and story, and whilst going to see the elephants doesn’t especially count as an essential journey, they’ll be in place until November 2021, so you’ve got plenty of time to see them.

Meanwhile, London’s climate could resemble Barcelona’s by the year 2050.

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