A New Streaming Platform Will Bring Broadway Shows To The UK

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Broadway on Demand

Broadway on Demand is set to launch in June.

In more regular times, I’d happily say that we’ve got the best theatre scene in the world – with a deferential nod to our friends over in New York of course (game recognise game). Thankfully, the two are set to be united come June, for whilst excellent British theatre can be found in National Theatre at Home, the Globe Player, and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new YouTube channel, a new service called Broadway on Demand will bring the best shows from New York to our screens.

Promising over 100 shows from Broadway and the US as a whole, Broadway on Demand will be a free platform (although a premium service will be available for a fee). It’ll get you access to archive performances, as well as the odd live concert, and provide you with enough theatre to get you neatly through the lockdown.

Unfortunately, they’re playing their cards extremely close to their chest when it comes to talking about which shows you can expect to see on there, which means we’ll likely be waiting until June to find out. You can sign up for early access here, and then I guess just perfect your jazz hands in the meantime…

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