Borough Market Will Continue To Make Face Masks Compulsory After ‘Freedom Day’

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Masks will still be required at Borough Market.

Back in January, Borough Market became the first outdoor space in the UK to require the wearing of face coverings, using its historical bylaws to enforce the rule. Today, as restrictions on wearing face coverings in England have been relaxed, the market has announced that they’ll keep this rule in place, in order to protect visitors and market traders and employees.

After taking a survey of visitors to the market over the past week, the Borough Market team found that the majority of guests would like to see mask-wearing continue at the market, so they’ve elected to keep the mandate in place. Medical exemptions will continue to apply, and as in restaurants and bars over the past couple of months, you won’t be required to wear a face covering whilst eating or drinking.

Borough Market have joined TfL, Uber, Easyjet, and others in electing to require face coverings, even as the nationwide requirement has been scrapped. Still, we’re being asked to wear face masks and coverings in crowded places, and given Borough Market’s unending popularity amongst tourists and London foodies, it’s a pretty common-sense decision that will hopefully protect guests from catching Covid-19. Hey, the quicker this is all over, the quicker we can go back to feasting on Borough Market’s tastiest treats in peace…

Meanwhile, clubbers returned to London’s nightclubs at a minute past midnight this morning.

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