London’s Famous ‘Press For Champagne’ Restaurant Has Launched A Waffle And Bellini Hour

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Bob Bob Ricard

As well as the finest food and a ‘press for champagne’ button, Bob Bob Ricard now also have a Waffle and Bellini hour.

Forget Tom, Dick and Harry, it’s all about Bob Bob Ricard. This lavish London restaurant has reopened after lockdown and has a few surprises in store, including a weekend Waffle and Bellini Hour!

From 11am until noon every Friday to Sunday, Bob Bob Ricard will be serving waffles, bellinis and champagne fit for a king (or queen, of course). The Waffle & Bellini Hour is perhaps the most luxurious way to start the day, with mouthwatering sweet treats, a glass of fizz (or three) and the most glamorous surroundings. Cereal at home just isn’t going to cut it after you dine here.

Bob Bob Ricard 2
Photo: Bob Bob Ricard

Deciding what waffles to order is the real Sophie’s Choice, but the good news is everything on the menu is absolutely delectable! You can add organic crispy bacon, wild arctic cloudberries or go au natural with salted butter and maple syrup. And The Truffle Waffle is perfect for those after an added touch of indulgence. If you’re feeling fancy you can always press the champagne button, or opt for the classic peach and strawberry champagne bellini which will compliment your meal in every way.

What makes the experience even more unforgettable is the incredible service from the waiters. The staff are extremely attentive and you will undoubtedly be treated, spoiled, wined and dined here! When the waffles arrive, they’ll pour your maple syrup for you so you don’t have to lift a finger. And if you’re struggling to get the perfect selfie, they’ll even offer to lend a helping hand—although this shouldn’t be too difficult, this is easily one of the most Instagrammable venues in London!

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Photo: Bob Bob Ricard

This iconic Soho venue also has a new and improved dinner menu. A few new additions will include a stinking bishop cheese souffle, salmon poached in white wine and a Russian speciality of Turbot Coulibiac. But don’t worry, the luxury British and Russian menu still has all the crowd favourites including the truffle and champagne humble pie, plenty of caviar and the famous BBR chocolate glory.

Their owner Leonid Shutov said, “While during the four months of lockdown we have been unable to do the thing we love the most at Bob Bob Ricard – welcome our guests – we have not been idle and have used the time to make some changes which I think guests old and new will love.”

“And Waffle & Bellini Hour promises to be great fun – I hope it will become as much of an institution as Bob Bob Ricard itself.”

If you want to start your weekend off the right way, be sure to book a reservation for the new Waffle & Bellini Hour. The restaurant is also open every day if you fancy a mid-week treat.

For more info, head to the Bob Bob Ricard website.

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