Boaty McBoatface Has Arrived In Greenwich For A Three-Day Stint

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

Boaty McBoatface Has Arrived In Greenwich For A Three-Day Stint

Ah yes, we all remember the historic tale of Boaty McBoatface, a classic reminder of why you can’t let the British public vote on some things. Although in this instance, more than others, the end result was quite brilliant.

Although the polar research ship has been named the far more serious title of “RRS Sir David Attenborough“, many still fondly remember and know it as the humorous moniker given to it by the public.

Now, we’ve got the chance to welcome Boaty to our shores, as it gloriously arrives in Greenwich for a special appearance. From October 28-30, the majestic explorer will be stopping off in London before it embarks to lead the forefront of research in Antarctica and the Arctic for the next 25-30 years.

It’s part of a three-day Ice Worlds festival in partnership with British Antarctic Survey and Royal Museums Greenwich, and takes place on the eve of COP26 climate talks in Glasgow. Ice Worlds hopes to provide not only a great day out for families, but inspiration for a new generation of scientists.

Over the three days, guests will be treated to live talks and virtual tours of RRS Sir David Attenborough, meet polar scientists and experts to discover what it’s like to work in polar regions, find how robots unravel the mystery of the vast ocean, and maybe, just maybe, get a glimpse of the what became the real Boaty McBoatface – now in the form of a robot.

Plus, on October 30, visitors will get to enjoy a host of Diwali celebrations around the RRS with singing and dancing included. AND, if you’re an early riser you’ll even have the chance to wave Boatface off at 8am on October 31, as it departs for its new life in the icy regions – as the dulcet tones of the early-morning live music fill your ears. Not bad, eh?

Find out more information and book your free tickets to the festival here.

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