Black Mirror Is Still On Creepy Form With The New Trailer For Season Five

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Black Mirror

The sun is shining, the birds are singing… and Black Mirror is back to ruin it all.

Yes, nothing quite disrupts a beautiful early summer day than a dystopian jaunt back into the twisted world of modern technology, does it? After a dark-as-expected diversion into the choose-your-own-adventure genre, Black Mirror are returning to the usual format with the release of Season 5, set to drop on Netflix on June 5th – and the first trailer was unveiled today:

And quite the mind-melting nightmare it looks like, too. The new season will feature three equally twisted stories, each anchored by a big name. ‘Striking Vipers’ has Avengers: Endgame star Anthony Mackie in the lead, with early images indicating there’ll be some sort of Tekken-style fight sequence in the offing.

Black Mirror
Next up – or, since they’re all released at the same time, immediately after – is ‘Smithereens’. This one sees Sherlock and Fleabag alum Andrew Scott on a Really Bad Day, having been driven up the wall by the incessant beeping, tweeting, whirling world of social media. Finally, Miley Cyrus is in charge in an as-yet-untitled episode, with the strong suspicion that a musical number is in the offing.

Black Mirror
It all looks deliciously dark, and happily there’s not long to wait until you can see it. Catch it on June 5th, and then spend the next couple of days hiding under the covers until the world makes sense once more…

Featured image: IMDb

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