There’s A Curious Black Mirror Pop-Up Hiding In Old Street Station

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Black Mirror pop-up

As Tube advertising goes, Netflix may have just raised the bar.

Netflix may have kept a tight lid on their latest instalment of Black Mirror – only revealing the trailer a day before it actually hit Netflix –  but now ‘Bandersnatch’ is out in the world, they’re finding novel ways to promote it. Now in residence at Old Street tube station is a gloriously 80s-themed pop-up, a replica newsagents filled with games and merchandise from Bandersnatch.

Black Mirror pop-up
[Twitter: Isabel Davies]
There’s only one catch at ‘Tucker’s Newsagent & Games’ – you can’t actually go inside, a “be right back” sign effectively forbidding entry. Still, peering through the window excitedly will get you glimpses of Metl Hedd, Valdack’s Revenge, and the mind-bending Bandersnatch itself. You can also spot little references to previous Black Mirror episodes, including San Junipero, White Bear, and USS Callister.

Black Mirror pop-up
[Twitter: Isabel Davies]
It’s all enough to tempt you inside, but being a Black Mirror pop-up, this is probably a ruse to tempt you into some sort of Faustian bargain wherein you can never leave Old Street. Perhaps it’s best to simply look and not touch…

Featured image: Monsieur Robot