Enjoy A Wonderfully Witchy Feast At London’s All-Black Food Festival

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Black food festival

Darkness reigns at the London Black Food Festival

Yes, it may be the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, but we’re also Halloween-adjacent, which is the perfect occasion for an utterly witchin’ festival. To whit, the London Black Food Festival should be right up your alley, filled as it is with an endless parade of dishes black as night. Ready for glorious gothic vibes? Pick up your tickets here, and read on for more.

Black food festival

Ok, so all-black foods don’t often appear in nature, but some clever culinary trickery has transformed a load of your favourites into deliciously dark treats. Using the flavour and colours of black sesame, charcoal, and black garlic, some inventive London chefs will create dishes such as black macarons, black hotdogs, and black sesame ice cream, which’ll put a smile on the face of even the most committed emo (side note: are emos still A Thing in 2019?).

Black food festival

Somewhat impressively, this amounts to the world’s biggest collection of black food and drinks, hosted at Bethnal Green’s Oval Space. You can also expect black homeware items, fashion pieces, accessories, and decorations, which is an incredible commitment to the monochrome lifestyle. Throw in a live DJ, and you’ve got a darkly delicious festival that you won’t want to miss. I guess after all those years of searching, black is, in fact, the new black…

Find your tickets to the London Black Food Festival here.

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