Big Ben Will Ring In The New Year For The First Time Since Its Fancy Facelift

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Big Ben

Back in March of this year, Big Ben had a spectacular facelift, turning his once black hands and numerals to a lovely shade of blue.

Big Ben—one of Britain’s most photographed buildings—is currently two years into a four year restoration project. But earlier this year, the Great Clock unveiled a new look, restoring its face to its original Victorian blue and gold colour scheme. (Featured image by @denksalat)

Despite still being mostly covered by scaffolding, Big Ben will work its bonging magic and chime at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Of course this iconic duty never stopped—in fact, it has sounded for various important events over the past two years—but this will be the first time Big Ben will ring in the new year with his shiny new face.

The restoration of the Elizabeth Tower (the building’s actual name, Big Ben is technically just the name of the bell) is set to be completed in 2021, and will see the tower restored to its original design.




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