We Asked Londoners For ‘The Best Thing About 2021, Wrong Answers Only’ And Here’s What You Said

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Best things about 2021

Hello, it’s Twixmas and I foolishly elected to work rather than book this week off to enjoy a full Christmas and New Year’s Eve break. So, instead of trying my hand at any serious journalism, I went out and asked Secret London’s Facebook followers a simple question: “what was the best thing about 2021? Wrong answers only…”.

As usual, you lot delivered a whole host of witty, clever, and hilarious answers, and – once we’d filtered out any that contained the word ‘Boris’, for a stab at political neutrality – we were left with some cracking results. Without further ado, please feast your eyes on the best things about 2021, wrong answers only…

(It’s called schadenfreude, folks, so let’s all laugh along before we cry)

Best things about 2021

Just makes any commute brighter, doesn’t it?

You just never know where you’re going to pick up all those useful life skills.

London’s white Christmas really made everything magical, I think.

You’re not exactly going to forget words like ‘Delta’ and ‘Omicron’ in a hurry, are you?

I for one have never been quite so well-acquainted with my nostrils…

Well, we needed a new national sport since the football’s getting cancelled and the Ashes aren’t exactly a contest…

Honestly, if you managed to homeschool your way through the 2021 lockdown, you deserve a medal.

A jolly good job we’ve done of all being upbeat throughout this year!

Remember the bad old days of March 2020? Yeah, this one is definitely a win.

Freedom of the borough
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This, surely from an Italian. TOO SOON MATTEO, TOO SOON.

And finally, our winner of this little contest…

However your year went, we at Secret London wish you all a healthier, happier, and all-around better year in 2022.

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