5 Irresistible Stationery Shops In London For Neat Freaks Everywhere

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Stationery Shops London East

It’s September, and for those still burdened by youth, that means fresh new stationery, a fully stocked pencil case, and maybe even a protractor! Ah, good times.

But even if you’re no longer going back to school, why deny yourself the scintillating pleasures of the blank notebook, neatly handwritten name on the front, and the momentary sense that you’ve Got Your Shit Together? September truly is the New Year’s for those who, in their hearts, remain wedded to the academic calendar. Here’s where to get all the stationery you could ever want in London. (All stores also sell online, but where’s the fun in that?)

Present & Correct, Angel

Stationery shops London: Present and Correct
Photo: @designsayshello

This east London stationery shop is like a little chapel dedicated to the Goddess of Organisation. Their Instagram account, meanwhile, is a borderline obscene gallery of minimalism, right angles and pastel colour schemes sure to make any neat freak blush.

Present And Correct stationery London
Photo: @presentandcorrect

Choosing Keeping, Hackney Road

Stationery store London: Choosing Keeping
Photo: @choosingkeeping

If you’re more Downton Abbey than Wes Anderson, Choosing Keeping is the stationery shop for you. There are beautiful notebooks, pens, rolls of wrapping paper, gift cards and more, all immaculately laid out, as you might expect. Quiver-inducing stuff.

London Stationery Shops Choosing Keeping
Photo: @instationerywetrust

London Graphic Centre, Covent Garden

London Stationery and Art Supplies Graphic Centre
Photo: @bibiebibi

Whether you’re an artist or just make to-do lists that essentially are works of art, the London Graphic Centre has got you covered. You can find every last combination of pen, pencil, notebook within their two floors, plus Proper Art Gear upstairs.

Just imagine being here:

Coloured Notebooks Stationery
Photo: @sky_huo

Paperchase, Tottenham Court Road

Stationery London: Paperchase
Photo: @madeleinemiranda

It’s not exactly ‘secret’ London, but the enormz flagship outlet of Paperchase is essentially Disneyland for stationery obsessives. Across three floors you’ll find rainbow displays of coloured card and paper, gifts and trinkets, and somewhere, I promise, the type of diary that will enable you to finally organise your whirlwind lifestyle.

Stationery Shops in London
Photo: @patricia_pea

Quill, Clerkenwell

Stationery Supplies London
Photo: @quilllondon

This seriously high-end London stationers stock some proper fancy goodies. Think fabulous fountain pens, books of sumptuously thick notepaper, wax seals, and other top-notch stuff for sending letters with attitude. They also run calligraphy classes (it’d be a shame to waste all that stationery on your illegible scrawl, wouldn’t it?) and create customised wedding books, cards and invites.

[Header photo: @scjyjxf]


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