Non-UK Born Londoners Reveal The Best Restaurants Serving Their National Cuisine

Enjoy trying international cuisine, but often struggle to find somewhere truly authentic? Well, look no further!

Earlier this week, avid Redditer u/blastedin posed the question, “Non-UK born Londoners, what’s the best restaurant of your native cousine that you know in London?” [sic] and the result was a really useful thread of the most delicious and authentic international restaurants that London has to offer. So, next time you’re looking for somewhere to eat, perhaps this list would be a good place to start.

?? American

pattiaa recommends Passyunk Avenue on Cleveland Street if you’re after “the best Philly Cheesesteak outside of Philly”. Meanwhile, GoToSleep_Bitch (solid username) reckons The Fat Bear near St. Paul’s has the best gumbo, jambalaya and cornbread in any city outside Louisiana.

? by @eatalldaynevergetfat
? by @eatalldaynevergetfat

?? Argentina

Mistress_Overdone and lapelotanodobla give a big thumbs up to La Patagonia in Camden, while Buen Ayre in Hackney also received plenty of praise from the Argentinians.

?? Canada

Canadians love their Poutine (chips, cheese and gravy) and TinCatCanuck says The Poutinerie make the best poutine they’ve ever had. Bold statement, but plenty of north Americans agree.

? The Poutinerie

?? China

yauami says “there’s a lot of 7/10 places” in the city, but names Stick and Bowl on Kensington High Street as the best. Also Four Seasons in Bayswater, backed up by padspa.

?? Colombia

“Best Colombian food I’ve had in London is at El Rancho del Lalo in Brixton,” says BKStein.

?? France

Sembazuru458 likes Casse Croûte on Bermondsey Street for its “good reliable simple food (by French standards!)” [sic]. Also representing London’s French community, wyrednc says that Chez Elles on Brick Lane “never disappoints”.

?? Germany

The Germans LOVE Herman ze German. So much so that, abodyweightquestion describes it as “the dog’s bollocks”. Kuukuluku also vouches for their vegan sausage, and says the sauce is almost like the one you get in Germany. Almost. 

? by @besteatsuk
? by @besteatsuk

?? Greece

PGal55 says the best Greek food can be found at Meraki Grill in Barnet, while honeydot bigs up Ousia in Bloomsbury, describing it as a “smashing little place”.

?? India

imagir0 raves about Diwana Bhel Poori House‘s “excellent lunch buffet for £7.49”, which you’ll find in Euston. Dishoom also gets a HUGE amount of praise, although everyone admits that it’s slightly westernised.

?? Iran

ThisIsParadise reckons Behesht (Kensal Green) and Senator (Hendon) are the best Persian restaurants in London. But, if you’re after something more central, Aureliella recommends Simurgh between Leicester Square and Covent Garden.

? Behesht
? Behesht

?? Italy

The Italians generally didn’t approve of our attempts at Italian cuisine, but Pappagone in Finsbury Park did get a special mention from 54108216 for being “as delicious as it’s loud, it’s just like walking into every small town Pizzeria”.

?? Korea

2012lurk gave a big thumbs up to Kimchee, Arang in Golden Square and On the Bab. CheeMc on Walworth Road also got a few mentions from regulars and other happy customers.

? On The Bab

?? Lebanon

JJlondon says you might think you’ve tried falafel but you haven’t really tried falafel until you’ve been to Ô Gourmet Libanais in Battersea, L’Oriental in Acton, or Beirut Express in South Kensington.

?? Mexico

sister_sister_ and samclifford have only good words to say about Mestizo in Euston. The tamales and the mole are supposedly very nice, and the “Sunday brunch buffet has good variety”. sister_sister_ also says that El Pastór in Borough Market, although a bit pricey, has some of the best tacos in London.

?? Myanmar (Burma)

momofuku_ says that Lahpet in both Shoreditch and Spitalfields is “pretty spot on for Burmese food”.

? Lahpet

?? Pakistan

adeelsaya can’t recommend Karachi Cuisine enough; apparently it has “the most authentic Pakistani taste”. On the contrary, saqibk89 says that Dawat in Tooting is their favourite.

?? Portugal

There are lots of recommendations for Portuguese food in London, starting with Canela Café in Covent Garden for its excellent “alheira” and O Tino in Camden for its simple, traditional dishes (nata79 particularly recommends the cod). rmvt suggests trying A Toca as it’s “the most authentic restaurant in London”, or Bar Douro for “a somewhat modern take on northern Portuguese food”. A few others mentioned Grelha D’ouro in Stockwell and HighFivePuddy made sure we didn’t forget Nando’s.

?? Russia

For great Russian food, plasticine_idea says you should head to Zima in Soho or Mari Vanna if you’re feeling fancy. howsweettobeanidiot, who appears to like a party, says Borscht N Tears is “good fun if you like loud cheesy 70s Russian music, cold vodka, and pelmeni”.

? Zima

?? Scotland

markvauxhall recommends Boisdale of Belgravia for a proper Scottish experience, while FerdiaC gives a big shout out to Deeney’s in Leyton for its amazing Haggis sandwiches.

?? Singapore

michaelsamcarr admits that he is in fact London born, but his partner is from Singapore and Melur on Edgware Road is their favourite restaurant. The food is “lovely” and he particularly recommends the Nasi Lemak.

?? Spain

segagamer is from Galicia in Spain and highly recommends Galicia in Croydon: they “serve a variety of dishes as well as some Tapas if you’re having a large gathering. The prices appear somewhat high but the portion sizes are generous – two to three tapas dishes would be enough for one person I think … Make sure if there’s a bunch of you that you all pick something different and then you all pick from all the dishes – you’re not supposed to order and eat individually lol”

? by @natashacruzzz

?? Sri Lanka

edmund_blackadder goes as far as to say that Hoppers is so good that he’d “go there every week if [he could] :)”

?? Sweden

Garlic and Shots supposedly serves up some of the best traditional Swedish comfort food. According to ilovemrmiyagi, the place is very small and cosy and there is a LOT of garlic (no dish is served without it). SirSwede also mentions Bageriet Swedish Bakery, if you’re after a little treat!

? Bageriet
? Bageriet

?? Trinidad

Barnabizzle‘s best friend is from Trinidad and he reckons Roti Joupa is the best food he’s had in the UK. Barnabizzle says:

“Order a “Hot Double”. It’s two fried flat breads with a spoon of “Chana”, which is a great chickpea dhaal.

Also Stew Chicken with “Buss-Up-Shot”. Buss-Up-Shot is Trini patois for “Busted Up Shirt”. They take a buttery fried flatbread and cook it on a hot plate while hitting it with a stick. It pulls apart all the layers in the bread creating this awesome multi layered “torn shirt” bread that you use to dip into the rich Stew chicken. Its just awesome.”

?? Turkey

Apparently there are a lot of great Turkish restaurants in London. Ratach name drops Istanbul Cafe & Bistro on Great Portland Street and says that it’s “comparable to above average restaurants in the city it’s named after.” A few other Redditers mention Selale in Harringay, which is supposedly London’s ‘Little Istanbul’. Also, for baked goods, go to Simit Sarayi, but be aware that it’s quite expensive.

? Selale
? Selale

?? Vietnam

Kosmiks‘s girlfriend is Vietnamese so they’ve tried a fair few, and they say Viet Baguette in Woolwich is the best by a long way, but agree that Sen Viet in King’s Cross is also pretty good. BúnBúnBúnSông Quê Café, Mien Tay and Phở Thuy Tay all had positive reviews, too.

That’s all, but you can read the full thread here ?

Non-UK born Londoners, what’s the best restaurant of your native cousine that you know in London? from r/london

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