This Beluga Vodka And Caviar Tasting Experience Is The Most Indulgent Night-In

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Add a little luxury to your lockdown with this sensory cocktails and caviar tasting experience from Beluga Vodka and award-winning food historian, Tasha Marks.

Beluga Vodka is bringing an incredible cocktails and caviar sensory tasting experience to your home this November. And it’s the perfect way to add some sophistication to your lockdown life. The Online Vodka Cocktail & Tasting Experience with Beluga Vodka Kit is truly a lovely way to start getting into the festive spirit. Or to upgrade your date nights and impress your other half with an indulgent evening-in. It also makes an amazing wintry gift idea. Treat the loved ones you’re thinking of during lockdown – it’s a wonderful way to connect with those you might not be able to see right now.

Ticket holders will receive a bespoke Beluga Vodka Kit ahead of the experience. It’ll contain everything needed to enjoy a vodka and caviar tasting session, and whip up two perfect Beluga Vodka cocktails with complementary food pairings! Tickets cost £35 and can be purchased via the Fever app.

beluga vodka

The one and a half hour experience will run for one exclusive session on Wednesday November 25, and will allow guests to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Beluga Vodka. The Online Vodka Cocktail & Tasting Experience will explore the Siberian origins of this icy vodka and delve into the rich Russian culture behind the drink.

Guests will also be able to indulge in a three-course tasting menu of festive food and cocktail pairings with award-winning food historian Tasha Marks, who will be teaching guests to make and serve each dish and matching cocktail. You’ll learn the stories behind each ingredient and uncover the myths, traditions and food histories behind every flavour combination in an immersive tasting experience like no other.

Interested in indulging? Read on for all the details.

To begin your wintry night-in with Beluga, Oleg and Veronika will introduce you to the rich heritage of this iconic vodka, before guiding you through a tasting session. You’ll sample the pure, high-quality spirit, which will then be paired with caviar.

This unique tasting experience, led by Tasha Marks, will focus on tradition, ritual, mindful eating and the complementary flavour profiles that make Beluga vodka and caviar the perfect combination. This luxurious guided tasting is truly a feast for the senses!

Then, Tasha will walk you through the process of creating your first cocktail and food pairing. And there’s a sweet twist to it – honey! Throughout history, honey has been a symbol of sweetness, sharing and friendship. In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to mix a Honey Vodka Collins, which will be paired with Honey & Goat’s Cheese on Rye. It’s the perfect Christmas pairing as a toast to our loved ones (near or far) this festive season. Raise your glass and send a little sweetness their way!

beluga vodka

After you’ve enjoyed your honeyed creations, you’ll be shown how to make another perfectly crafted Beluga Vodka cocktail and food pairing. This time it’s a Cranberry and Mint Cooler, paired with Cranberry Peppermint Bark. Tasha created this course in honour of Beluga Vodka’s Siberian roots and the undeniable connection between vodka, and the cold.

You’ll be using vodka served straight from the freezer with plenty of ice to help evoke those sub-zero temperatures of the Russian tundra. A generous serving of mint will also give you that deep-freeze sensation. Meanwhile, the use of cranberry and peppermint suggests candy canes and sweet treats at Christmas – another nod to the indulgences of the holiday season.

beluga vodka

The Online Beluga Vodka Cocktail & Tasting Experience really is the perfect experience to kickstart that festive feeling and put you in the mood for a beautifully icy winter. With the most luxurious Beluga Vodka cocktails and food pairings, it’s also an excellent way to treat yourself or a loved one. Tempted to try a unique taste of Siberia? Get your tickets now!

Tickets for the The Online Vodka Cocktail & Tasting Experience with Beluga Vodka Kit can be bought here. There will be one live-streamed session available on Wednesday November 25th 2020 only. 18+ only, with valid ID. Please drink responsibly.

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