Brick Lane’s Legendary Beigel Bake Now Delivers Bagels To Your Door

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

Brick Lane’s Legendary Beigel Bake Now Delivers Bagels To Your Door

The Beigel Bake app is the best thing to happen to carb-lovers since sliced bread.

For the past 44 years, east London institution Beigel Bake has steadily churned out bagels, salt beef, and more to a near-faultless degree. It’s the kind of thing where, if it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it. So it was much to the pleasant surprise of the London food scene when, in January 2020, Beigel Bake launched its very own delivery app. And given how the rest of the year went, it’s no stretch to say that was our highlight of 2020…

original beigel bake
Photo: @beigel_bake @londonhistorian

It’s almost as if they saw the pandemic coming, so prescient a move was this. Notorious for serving up the fattest and most flavourful bagels in the capital, Beigel Bake churn them out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And now, you don’t even need to be on Brick Lane to get ’em. You can order a classic smoked salmon and cream cheese, or opt for a salt beef taste-sensation coated with mustard, garnished with pickles and perfected with cream cheese.

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beigel salf beef
Photo: @beigel_bake

But the bagels aren’t the only things that people have queued down the street for; Beigel Bake also serves up some of the best cakes and pastries about town. Scoff a slice of their very popular cheesecake, or revel in the shower of crumbs that fall from your almond croissant onto your jumper. We’re talking seriously tasty sweet treats!

Photo: @beigel_bake

The exact range of the delivery app isn’t stated, but a quick play around reveals it can deliver to addresses in Clapham and Walthamstow, but not to Crystal Palace (sorry guys). Happily for us, the Secret London offices fall within the delivery zone, which we’re going to make plentiful use of once office hours resume. To discover your fate, download the app and see if your humble abode is one of the elect.

The app was just one part of what looked to be a modernising strategy, as Beigel Bake also joined Instagram around the same time. They’ve stepped very much into the 21st century, and given that we can get our mitts on some proper good grub from one of the oldest establishments in London without having to step outside the front door, we are living for it!

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