This Beautiful Video Of London From Above Is Totally Mesmerising

This stunning video was shot from a helicopter as it flew over London at night.

Shooting some of the city’s most striking panoramas, photographer Jason Hawkes has truly captured the magic of the capital after dark. This video, like his other work, was taken while hanging out of a moving helicopter. Terrifying? Yes. Worth it? Definitely.

(Take a look at these stunning images taken on the same flight.)

Hawkes shot this over the Christmas period, so you’ll spot flashes of festivities, including Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. Watch as you travel over the Thames, along busy central London streets, and above all the famous buildings in the City. My favourite parts, though, are the shots over Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus in action. They’re absolutely mesmerising.

You can see more of Jason Hawkes’ photography over on his website, his Twitter account, or you can follow him on Instagram here

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