These Banging BBQ Boats Are Perfect For A Late Summer Soiree

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

BBQ Boat

These BBQ boats offer thrilling, grilling adventures on the high seas of Canary Wharf.

By my count, we’ve got a couple of weeks left to wring the final dregs of sunshine out of summer 2019. So before you pack the shorts and sunnies away for another year, send the season off in style with a jaunt down the river on London’s fabulous new BBQ boats, for which tickets are available here.

BBQ Boat

Whilst there are a handful of London parks that allow barbecues, I think we can all agree that a spot of waterborne grilling is the fancier road to take. The Skuna BBQ Boat – brought to you by the same people behind London’s brilliant floating hot tubs – lets you bob gently through Canary Wharf, whilst flame-grilling a succession of delicious foods.

BBQ Boat

If there’s a finer way to see Canary Wharf, then we’re yet to hear about it. The boats are fully equipped with all the barbecue equipment you could ever need, but you’ll need to bring your own food, drink, and cutlery – although methinks the handy burger bun is all the cutlery one would need.

The BBQ boats run Monday to Friday, along with Sundays, which makes it the perfect experience for teambuilding events (looks knowingly to boss), family days out, or the most unique date you’ve ever been on. Oh who are we kidding, you don’t really need an excuse to commandeer the BBQ boat and set sail on a delicious voyage!

Find your tickets to the Skuna BBQ Boat Experience here.

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