This London Chippy Will Serve Battered Quality Street Throughout December

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Quality Street

Poppies will fire up the fryer to bring battered Quality Street to London this year.

You’ve had battered sprouts (the most palatable form of sprouts, IMHO), but now it’s time for battered Quality Street. I’ll be honest, I thought “battered Quality Street” was the meal you have around 8pm on Christmas Day, once the food coma has worn off but before the mulled wine buzz dies down – but this is much better. (Well, comparable.)

Soho chip shop Poppies will be battering the Christmas treats from December 1st until the 25th – yes, they’re open on Christmas Day this year. They’ll cost £2.50 for 5, and you can scoff them in store, or take them home to lord it over family members and flatmates who’ve opted for the non-deep fried versions. It’s a lucky dip selection, so you won’t know what you’ve got until you bite into it (unless identifying the origins of deep fried chocolate is somehow your party trick) – which sidesteps the issue of choosing a top five for battering.

Quality Street

Speaking of which, Poppies have also ranked the Quality Street box from best to worst, and here’s where things get contentious. Namely, to whichever charlatans put the peerless Green Triangle seventh, I hope you’re bloody happy with yourselves. In fact, the whole straw poll is a shambles, with the aggressively mediocre Toffee Finger coming out on top, and pushing the excellent Strawberry Delight into a laughable fourth.

Redemption beckons, however, as the chippy will be inviting customers to give their opinions on the rankings, and keeping a tally that’ll determine London’s favourite. Better still, any runaway favourites will be added to the menu permanently! You have a glorious opportunity to right a grievous wrong here, people – don’t screw it up…

You’ll find the battered Quality Street at the Soho branch of Poppies, 55-59 Old Compton Street, W1D 6HW, from December 1st-25th.

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