Waterloo’s Rooftop Cinema Offers Bottomless Drinks And Halloween Films

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Rooftop Cinema Waterloo

There’s movie magic in the air – and pure evil on screen – at these rooftop scary movies.

Watching films on a laptop this Halloween just isn’t doing them justice, is it? Luckily, Bar Elba’s brilliant rooftop cinema provides a smashing opportunity for a real scarefest, with the skyline of London unfolding before you. Oh, and there’s the small matter of bottomless drinks on offer, which should give you enough Dutch courage to survive all the jump scares Hollywood can throw at you… Get your tickets here!

Rooftop scary movies

Kicking off on October 3 with the undisputed Halloween champion – Hocus Pocus, of course – Bar Elba’s rooftop scary movies will run right through to All Hallows Eve. Between now and then, you can hit the rooftop for masked murderers (Scream, Friday the 13th), creepy villains (IT, Gremlins, A Quiet Place), campy horror (Beetlejuice, The Rocky Horror Picture Show), and slowly mounting dread (Hereditary), before concluding on October 31 with a showing of Halloween.

Rooftop scary movies

It’s all killer, no filler up here, and that extends to the beverages. The all-important business of bottomless drinks takes the form of limitless beer or prosecco, with which you can raise a toast to the final girl, or salute yourself for making it through unscathed. Each ticket also includes a classic cinema snack to nibble on during the film, although you’ll face a tough choice between nachos, popcorn, or pic’n’mix – and an even tougher job holding onto it when the killer jumps out…

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