Watch A Story Come Alive On Your Plate At This Magical, Immersive Dining Experience

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Watch A Story Come Alive On Your Plate At This Magical, Immersive Dining Experience

This one-of-a-kind dining experience will transport you to the magical land of Hoshena without even leaving the table.

Created by the clever team at Dinner Time Story in collaboration with creative artists Studio McGuire, Banquet of Hoshena is an incredible, projector-led experience that will bring an imaginary world to life on your plate.

Popping up at Westfield London in Shepherd’s Bush, the concept will magically bring together flavours and emotions; taking you on a journey through five courses and introducing you to various Kings, Queens and mystical creatures along the way.

To begin the journey, the Queen of Hoshena will tell the story of a once green and luscious kingdom that banished any negative emotions—anger, sadness, fear, etc. However, it somehow managed to exile love, happiness and courage, too. So the land of Hoshena was left a dark and empty place, bare of any emotions.

To turn the kingdom around, you’ll be taken on a mind-blowing journey using cutting edge 3D visual technology, image mapping, experiential props, as well as incredible scents and flavours. After the two hour show, the Kingdom of Hoshena will be restored to its former glory.

Guests will be served five courses, all accompanied by wine and cocktails. Each dish will represent a different emotion, corresponding perfectly to the story.

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Banquet of Hoshena will be at Westfield London until August 7 before it heads to TT Liquor in Shoreditch for the rest of the year. 

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