We Might Get An Extra Bank Holiday If England Win Euro 2020

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Euros bank holiday

The government is kicking around plans for a Euros bank holiday.

After a dramatic extra-time win over Denmark – and a night of rather excitable partying – the hype around England’s progression to the final of Euro 2020 is dying down yet. And the latest news has us particularly excited, because reports from Politico and other media outlets suggest that the government is contemplating celebrating a potential England triumph with an extra bank holiday.

In order to give the fans the celebration a Euro 2020 victory would deserve, the government is deciding whether a bank holiday on Monday, July 12 (the day after the Wembley final) would be a fair way to celebrate. It’d certainly save people trekking into work with a savage hangover, that’s for sure – and if last night’s celebrations are anything to go by, I’d imagine the partying would still be happening at 9am on Monday…

The major obstacle to our extra day off on Monday (you know, aside from footballing giants Italy) is the logistical challenge; bank holidays are usually planned months, even years in advance, to give businesses, workplaces, and more time to prepare for them. With just four days to go until the possible bank holiday, and potentially only twelve hours in which to confirm the day off after the match finishes, the timeframe could be a little too tight for this to happen.

However, there is still hope! The alternative to a bank holiday next week is some sort of “day of national celebration” on an as-yet-unspecified date, giving us time to properly prepare for the festivities, or plan a long weekend away (depending on how committed you are to the England team). Of course, all this depends on Kane, Sterling, and friends going on to lift the trophy – and whilst I’m not much of a football fan, I am a big fan of extra days off, so fingers crossed they can make it happen…

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