Backyard Cinema Are Showcasing Some Of The Best LGBTQ+ Movies Through Pride Month

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

Backyard Cinema Are Showcasing Some Of The Best LGBTQ+ Movies Through Pride Month

Treat yourself to a screening of some of the best films ever made.

Since May 17, the UK has been reunited with cinemas and going to the big screen has never felt so good. And now, throughout pride month, you can go and catch screenings of 10 of the greatest LGBTQ+ movies at the beloved Backyard cinema.

At the cinema, which is also home to the UK’s biggest indoor beach, you’ll be able to catch some showstopping pictures throughout the month.

Backyard Cinema

You’ll get to see the stunning 2016 Oscar Winner Moonlight on the big screen once more, as well as the cult smash coming-of-age drama Call Me By Your Name, tale of 80s UK miner activism Pride and the story of 1950s gay rights activist Harvey Milk, in Milk.

Plus, there’s The Handmaiden, a 2016 Korean period drama, spectacular NYC ballroom documentary Paris Is Burning, and the heart-warming Elton John biographical-musical Rocketman. The 2015 adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s The Price Of Salt, aka Carol will also be shown as well as British fashion tale Kinky Boots.

Each film is shown to celebrate diversity, explore identity, celebrate culture, and bring pure joy, and all will be displayed through both the Miami Beach and LA Nights cinema editions.

As always, you’ll be able to enjoy these wonderful pictures with cocktails, pizza, burgers and more from the variety of food pop-ups.

Backyard Cinema: Capital Studios, Ram Quarter, 13 Wandsworth Plain, SW18 1ET. Nearest stations are Wandsworth Town and East PutneyFind it on Google Maps

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