The Infamous Baby Trump Blimp Will Go On Permanent Display In London

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Baby Trump Blimp

A fond, fitting farewell to a folk hero.

Not everyone gets to ride off gloriously into the sunset before the end credits roll, least of all a US President leaving office under a cloud of impeachment. But whilst Donald Trump is leaving office with less of the characteristic fanfare, his inflatable counterpart is getting a deserved final curtain. I’m talking, of course, about the brilliant Baby Trump Blimp that flew over London back in July 2018, in a bid to troll the divisive president during his state visit. Today, it’s been confirmed that the giant inflatable has been acquired by the Museum of London, and will be going on permanent display there for future generations to enjoy.

Baby Trump Blimp

The Museum of London have a valid reason for doing so – beside the fact that the inflatable remains friggin’ hilarious, of course – stating their hope that the Baby Trump Blimp will remind us to continue to take a stand against the “politics of hate”. There’s no word on when exactly you’ll be able to line up for selfies with the cult inflatable, as the Museum of London have simply said it will be included in “future collections”. Still, as the museum is unwavering in their commitment to free entry, it won’t cost you a penny to see him. And you can be damn sure we’ll keep you informed when it’s flying once again!

Baby Trump Blimp

Though the Baby Trump Blimp was designed and created for Trump’s 2018 UK state visit, he became something of a guest celebrity at anti-Trump demonstrations the world over in his short time, putting in appearances in Denmark, Ireland, Argentina, and in London for an encore in 2019. Still, all good things must come to an end (and whilst Trump’s tenure in the White House certainly can’t be classed as “good”, his blowup counterpart certainly can be), and that time has now come for our inflatable friend. Though the orange balloon shall roam the skies no more, the Museum of London are ensuring that the Baby Trump Blimp will never be forgotten.

Keep an eye on the Museum of London’s website for more updates.

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